Jasmine Audio was established in 2001 by dedicated audiophiles motivated by a pure passion for the perfection of sound. The result of this passion is a product line quickly becoming known for innovative designs that yield a smooth, musical and extremely involving sound. This is impossible to express in numbers, and must be experienced by the music lover to be truly appreciated. The dynamics, linearity and smoothness associated with a Jasmine deliver spine-tingling performance unmatched by lesser designs. A Jasmine is the embodiment of technology and passion.

No detail on a Jasmine product is over-looked. All components are hand-selected by experienced and qualified engineers. The passion for sound is not limited to the design phase. It is also realized in the strict quality control during manufacturing. A Jasmine is meticulously assembled by hand by a select and dedicated group.

Owning a Jasmine product should be seen as a membership to a very special society, created by music perfectionist, for the music perfectionist.

Jasmine released O2 Pre&Power AMP combination, Feb 2017!
Jasmine released TT-D500 Turntable, Nov 2016

Jasmine released LP3.0MK1 Phono Preamp , Nov 2016!

Jasmine released JS-TA297 uni-point 12' tonearm , Nov 2016 !

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